Jenna also has friends who you can play with. They can join in the action.
Dress them how you want. Here are a couple of Jenna's friends.
Jenna Jameson friends
Jenna Jameson friends

Your Virtual Jenna

Here is your opportunity to join Jenna Jameson in action. In this 3D virtual sex video game you take control and call the shots with virtual Jenna. The 3D model looks just like the real super porn star Jenna Jameson. It's unbelievable how real the likeness is. With Jenna virtual zoom in close and see even a tiny hair on Jenna's naked body. The skin texture will excite you. Here is the chance to have the hottest porn star ever do what you want. Virtual Jenna is one of the hottest and best 3D sex games on the internet. Forget about the free Jenna Jameson videos you can almost feel and taste Jenna Jameson in action using this real-time 3D technology.

Virtual Lap Dance

Instruct Jenna to do a virtual lap dance. Pause anywhere during your virtual lap dance, move around in 3D space view Jenna from any angle. Command a third party to join in the virtual action with Jenna which is more real than Jenna Jameson clips or videos. Watch Jenna giving a virtual blow job. It's just like the real thing. You can control the movement and rhythm. This 3 D virtual sex game is excellent quality.

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Want to see Jenna Jameson sucking? Again this virtual Jenna 3D sex game wins over a Jenna Jameson video for real live interaction. You can control the strokes and the sucking. You can even take pics of Jenna sucking. Take any picture you want of any pose any position. Take any picture of Jenna Jameson in action. Save the pictures to your own private Jenna Jameson gallery on your computer. Take a look at the 1 D snap shots below. Imagine how much fun you would have moving around these Jenna Jameson pics in virtual 3D. You can click on any of Jenna's pics below to go to virtual Jenna Jameson gallery.

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Jenna Jameson In Action

Hey I have just been reveiwing this seductive 3D Jenna Jameson sex game program. Well honestly I've been playing with Jenna for over three hours.It just gets better every minute every pose. There seems like an endless selection of costumes for Jenna to wear and toys to play with. I got a bit carried away with oneJenna toy while using it manually. Jenna responded with body gyrations and thankful moans. The faster I pushed the virtual toy the more she moaned and gyrated her sexy body. I like the way Jenna makes eye contact and follows you as you move around her shapely body. This is Jenna Jameson in action. Excuse me I'm going back for more.

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